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    Pig Hunting Guaranteed to get the adrenaline going. Contact Martie at Rauceby Homestays for a real Pitt Island pig-hunting experience. Chances are, he will provide you with an experienced guide, complete with a pack of experienced dogs,… the rest is up to the gods.

    Wild Sheep Hunting Your best bet is to go hunting these beasts with someone that knows what they are doing. Martie and the crew have been hunting and eating these delicious animals for over 5 generations,…. and they still havent finished. Hunting is restricted and you need to have local assistance as you are crossing private property and hunting in a managed reserve.

    Fishing Fishing tours can be arranged through your accommodation host on Pitt. You have the choice of fishing from the rocks or beach or on a chartered vessel at numerous locations around the island. This can be a great way to experience awesome scenery and spectacular fishing.

    Pitt Island  Attractions

    Celine Photography Many of the images for sale through this website are taken by Celine. Some are for sale via her website as limited edition prints, or special editions. Others can feature on a variety of media, including canvas, corrugate, wood blocks and calendar.Much of Celine’s work that you will see on her site relates specifically to Pitt Island. if you want to see more of her fantastic photography, you will have to visit her photography site here.>>>>> Many of the images used on this site are from Celine’s collection. (As such, they are copyright and may not be used without the express permission of the webmaster.)

    Pitt Island School

    Pitt Island School.  One of the smaller schools in New Zealand.  Visitors always love calling in and interacting with the students and learning about their island from them.

    Our Lady of the Antipodes Chapel: This small Catholic chapel has provided solace and spiritual sustenance for the Pitt Island Community for over 50 years.

    Our Lady of the Antipodes



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    discoverthechathamislands.co.nz   This site is set up by the Chatham Island Enterprise Trust on behalf of the Visitor Industry.

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