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    The purpose of this Pitt-Island site is to increase people’s awareness of this unique wee corner of New Zealand and to promote the skills and products of the local photographers, artists and businesses to a wider audience. For some, this island is their ancestral homeland and it has served their family for more than 5 generations (for over 170 years).

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    Pitt islanders

    There is only two ways you can become a Pitt Islander: be born there, or be buried there.

    Sadly, the island has a dwindling population. From its initial Moriori population of several hundred, through to it’s contemporary heyday in the early 1900s with a population of well over 60, to 2020 and a static population of around 40 people.

    The Gregory-Hunt family have an intimate and extensive connection with Pitt Island. Their ancestry here dates back to the first European settlement of this island paradise. Many of the landowners share that ancestry and one still has the same surname: Gregory-Hunt.  This name echos through the passage of time here on Pitt Island. Click here to read about the history of European settlement on this rugged, remote and remarkable outpost of civilisation and you may get a glimpse of why this family truly are Pitt Islanders and maybe a little bit about what that means.

    If you want to know more about Pitt Island itself, click here to find out a brief history.