This is the place to come to find out everything that you need to know if you are contemplating a visit to Pitt Island is the official Pitt Island information website and if we cant provide what you need, we can certainly point you in the right direction of those that can.

    Accommodation on the island  is limited and there are no “licensed” accommodation providers anywhere on the island. There are homestays and a lodge-style accommodation business, but there is nowhere for backpackers or freedom campers or trampers to stay, as there are no public conveniences, public access or campsites.

    There are so many things to do on Pitt Island that you cannot do them in just one day. If you are into shopping malls, hi tech, hi-impact, fast moving action-packed thrill-seeking activities, then you are probably not going to enjoy this place. Mind you, some of the fish that get caught around here can be fairly exciting.

    The only “quick” way to get to Pitt Island is via light plane, which Air Chathams operates from Karewa Airport on the main island. You should allow approximately $100 for a one-way trip to Pitt Island.

    You may be able to “hitch” a ride on a passing fishing boat, or even charter one to get you here.

    The one thing that we can guarantee is that you will see some of the most beautiful scenery on earth, some of the most spectacular coastlines and landscapes and you will might even meet some of the most resilient, yet down to earth and friendliest people on the planet.