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All of the images on this website are the property of the artist (Celine Gregory-Hunt) and cannot be used without Celine's permission. Please respect this request and support an authentic Chatham Island artist.

boxCeline Gregory-Hunt is the person behind Pitt-Island.com. Her mission is to increase people's awareness of this unique wee corner of New Zealand and to promote her skills as a photographer and as an artist to a wider audience. Celine is passionate about her island, this ancestral homeland that has served her family for more than 5 generations (for nearly 170 years).

Celine has an intimate and extensive knowedge of Pitt Island. Her ancestry, which dates back to the first European settlement of this island paradise, lives at Pukewhenua on Pitt Island and she comes from a long, proud line of Pitt Island residents.

The Gregory-Hunt name echos through the passage of time here on Pitt Island. Click here to read about the history of European settlement on this rugged, remote and remarkable outpost of civilisation and you may get a glimpse of why Celine truly is a Pitt Islander and maybe a little bit about what that means.

If you want to know more about Pitt Island itself, click here to find out a brief history.


Celine has always had an interest in photography but has only recently begun selling her works. Already, success has found her and she now has a thriving industry selling photographs and prints online and to the visitors that make their way to her home.

Pitt islanders

There is only two ways you can become a Pitt Islander: be born there, or buried there.

Successsive generations of Celine's family have lived on the Island and Celine can safely call herself a Pitt Islander.

Sadly, the island has a dwindling population. From its heydey in the early 1900s with a population of over 50, to 2012 and a static population of around 30 people.


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