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Accommodation is limited and there are no "licensed" accommodation providers anywhere on the island. There are homestays and a lodge-style accommodation business, but there is nowhere for backpackers or freedom campers or trampers to stay as there is no public access or campsites.


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Visitor opportunities

There are so many things to do on Pitt Island that you cannot do them in just one day. If you are into shopping malls, hi tech, hi-impact, fast moving action-packed thrill-seeking activities, then you have probably come to the wrong place. Mind you some of the fish that get caught around here can be fairly exciting.

The only "quick" way to get to Pitt Island is via light plane, which Air Chathams operates from Karewa Airport on the main island. The costs for flying from Chathams to Pitt Island range from $85.00 pp one way (minimum of 5), to $450.00 for a return Charter.

You may be able to "hitch" a ride on a passing fishing boat, or even charter one to get you here.

The one thing that we can guarantee is that you will see some of the most beautiful scenery on earth, some of the most spectacular coastlines and landscapes and you will might even meet some of the most resilient, yet down to earth and friendliest people on the planet. .


Celine Gregory-Hunt- Resident Artist

All of the images on this website are the property of the artist (Celine Gregory-Hunt) and cannot be used without Celine's permission. Please respect this request and support an authentic Chatham Island artist.

Welcome to the offical Pitt-Island.com website. Pitt-Island.com is owned and operated by Celine Gregory-Hunt.

Celine lives at Pukewhenua on Pitt Island and she comes from a long proud line of Pitt Islanders. .

The Gregory-Hunt name echos through the passages of time here on Pitt Island. Click here to read about the history of European settlement on this majestic and remote outpost of civilisation and you will get a glimpse of why Celine truly is a Pitt Islander and maybe a little bit about what that means.



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